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See Your Website Visitor Identities

Over 90% of business sales transactions start with a web search. However, as little as 2% of business to business website visitors make direct contact with website owners. So as a website owner, you invest lots of money in advertising, driving hundreds of web visitors who do not reveal themselves to you when visiting your website.

What can the Web Converter do?

Web Converter is a piece of code that when added to your website reveals the identity of many of the businesses that visit your website.

The information revealed to you includes:

  • Business name
  • Telephone number
  • The business address
  • Website address of visitors to your website
  • Business turnover and nature of the business.

You will be able to see multiple visits, where your visitors landed each time and what pages your visitors browsed on any visit. You can also identify the search term they used to find you.

There are advanced reporting and management features:

  • You can set up real time alerts when potential business customers return to your site
  • You can be notified when visitors view specific pages or come to you from certain campaigns.

Use the Web Converter to increase sales conversion or improve customer relations.

If you are running any paid advertising or using search optimisation, or you are doing out-bound email shots or telemarketing, understanding who visits your website allows you to follow up potential leads you might never have been aware of. This makes your marketing more effective. Knowing which pages have been visited lets you target potential prospects straightaway by focusing on the product or service of interest to them.

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