It's Not Magic Or Telepathy - It's Remarketing

Ever browsed for something one day, then next time you are online, you are presented with a choice of exactly what you were looking for?

Remarketing is a simple way to connect with users, based on their past interactions with your website. Basically as an advertiser, you tag pages of your site that correspond to certain categories you want to promote. Then you create an Adwords campaign to show highly relevant messages (image or text) to people who have visited your pages as they are browsing on websites that take Display Adverts from the search engines.

Show your adds to relevant users

The facility enables you to track what visitors view on your site. You then display ads to them accordingly that are based on the specific pages they were viewing.

What are the results?

  • More relevant ads for users
  • Greater revenue for advertisers
  • Your brand is top of mind
  • You remain engaged with a very relevant target audience

When to use Remarketing

Remarketing is extremely beneficial in certain common situations.

  • Customers who abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase. You can use remarketing to target these customers directly and encourage them to complete the conversion process. The results are impressive:

Research shows that on average. 8% of customers return to buy if the company does no remarketing. 

This figure jumps to 26% with a remarketing program in place.

  • Repeat customers, who know the value of your business already. Using remarketing, you can place ads across the display network to entice loyal customers back for repeat business.
  • Saving Impressions. If a customers has already subscribed, for example, you can reduce costs by not showing ads to these customers but using the revenue to target other non-converted groups.
  • Other benefits include raising awareness of new products and services, special offers, freshness of content.

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