5 Essential Steps for Improving Online Lead Generation

As more people turn to the web as a convenient way to consume media - it becomes more important for businesses to not only have their online presence easily found, but also to adopt a focused strategy around converting website traffic into new business.

This can be achieved by defining your website objectives and then establishing a proper sales or information funnel through which to guide visitors. The following five steps will enable you to convert more visitors into leads and ultimately into new customers.

1. A prominent call to action:

  • An effectively written call to action can help improve your website conversion significantly. Keep your call to action short and to the point. A good use of images and colour can help highlight your call to action links.

2. Review your layout:

  • The way your website is laid out is a key component in highlighting your main message. Once you have identified your call to action trigger points, make sure that is what visitors are attracted to first, thus increasing your lead generation.

3. Keep content easily digestible:

  • Structure content in small chunks and use effective titles to break up your content. Then naturally scatter your call to action links within the content to direct your visitors.

4. Offer something for nothing:

  • Giving away an industry whitepaper or report in exchange for some contact information is an effective method for turning visitors in to new business contacts - and will also help to qualify your leads.

5. Follow up with automated emails:

  • Often overlooked, an automated email sequence plays a key role in converting your new lead into a customer.

While these 5 straightforward but effective steps will help increase you website conversion and lead generation, there are many other things you can do depending on where you are in your digital marketing strategy.

If you would like help improving your online lead generation and website conversion, get in touch.

Improve your Online Lead Generation

5 Key Components to Improve Customer Acquisition.


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