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how to make sure relevant people see your advert

Banner ads appear on a website, as small rectangular graphical or textual advertisements that vary considerably in appearance and subject matter. If you click on them, your Internet browser will take you to an advertiser's website or another page on your website (for example, advertising a special offer).

You choose which ads you want to be displayed on your site from companies that you deal with directly, and you can also design the ads yourself. Any revenue generated comes to you and you can decide how much it will cost to advertise on your website. Your website has to have the built in functionality to control and record the display and click through rates of the adverts.

What are the benefits?

Banner advertising is an essential web marketing tool for advertising your company, product or service. It works basically on two levels:

  • Click through traffic: ideally, a visitor to the Banner Advert publisher's website (the website that agrees to host the banner ad), clicks on the Banner Advert and goes to the advertiser's web site.
  • Brand awareness: visitors see the banner advert (a graphical image) and it registers in their heads. This is an important element in brand awareness.

What makes a banner ad effective?

There are no concrete rules. As with all advertising, effectiveness is a combination of a number of different factors. However companies such as WSI have extensive experience in effective banner advertisement marketing and can advise on an individual basis.

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