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If You Can't Measure It You Can't Manage It!

Probably the most powerful aspect of Digital Marketing is the ability to measure or track every impression, click, visit or action on the web. Yet most owners of websites do not have any website analytics and metrics set up, let alone review stats or use them to improve performance.

Right from the very beginning, WSI will help clients set up goals and measurements so you can track activities, calculate costs and manage your web properties to achieve best returns on investment.

WSI have a range of website analytics products to assist.

Dashboard Reporting

Managers, owners and entrepreneurs can pore over huge volumes of statistics on visitor numbers, pages visited and page bounce rates. But this information means nothing unless it is interpreted, presented in a straightforward manner and supported with recommendations. WSI undertake dashboard reporting for all clients engaging in our digital marketing activities.

Dashboard reporting shows:

  • Trend in overall visibility on the web
  • Actual web property visitor numbers by type and current trends
  • Visitor engagement trends within web properties
  • Actual sales or leads generated by source.

As standard, WSI ensures all clients have some form of website analytics loaded onto their web properties. We favour Google Analytics and our Google Analytics IQ Certified consultants can assist you in setting up an account.

The service includes:

  • Setting up goals and metrics
  • Creating customised segments
  • Adding filters - for example excluding visitors from your own business.
  • Automated report delivery.

Google Analytics gives customers great insights into activity on their website. WSI will interpret the data and help you manage your online presence to improve your return on investment.

Google analytics

Our short webinar looks even further into the use of data and analytics to improve Online Conversions - watch it now

Using Website Analytics to improve Online Sales

How to Use Website Analytics to Improve your Online Sales

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