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Figures from Google show that 25% of searchers click on the ads at the top (it used to be 13% of searchers click on the top 3 ads on the search results, 12% on the right-hand side until Google changed the layout) and 72% go down to the organic results, leaving 3% who find what they were looking for on the page, or don't do anything. And they also tell us that searchers will rarely go to the second page.



Search Engine Optimisation is not a quick fix.



Depending on your market, it may take several months or even longer to rank well for keywords where there are lots of competing businesses. We focus on developing long term business partnerships with our clients, to enable success in this field.



What do we offer?


Keyword Analysis


Finding the right keywords to optimise your website for is key to your business success. It's no good paying huge amounts of money trying to rank for a broad keyword term, be more specific, add a location or a specialty.


We can find out how many people search for specific terms each month in the UK or worldwide, so you can get an idea of how many visits to your website you could expect for those terms each month. This then gives you a clear idea of whether the potential benefits are worth the investment.


Website content plans and creation


Content has always been king as far as the search engines are concerned. If your website has well structured pages which are easy to navigate, combined with interesting and compelling content that your potential customers want to read, then it is likely to bring you more leads and sales.


Adding regular, relevant content is approved of by search engines. It shows a level of business development through online methods and it is what the search engines are looking for.


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Social Media Optimisation

Search engines are taking notice of activity on social networking sites as an indicator of business activity. By developing real conversations and engagement with customers on your networking sites, you are engaging with your customers, working on and growing your business; something the search engines approve of.

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Link building consultations and reports

Discover how your business online appears to a search engine - do high quality companies link to your business online? Do your suppliers link to your website? Are you referenced in the media? Link building is still important but only if the links are genuine and from relevant sites.

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