Why is it so important to have a creative responsive site

It's All About Being Responsive

Responsive Web Design provides optimal viewing across a wide range of devices. The increase in tablet and mobile usage has resulted in the need for websites to be able to adapt depending on how the user is viewing them. Responsive Web Design offers the client a website with the minimum amount of resizing, panning and scrolling when using a desktop computer, tablet device or a mobile phone.

Take a look at our video: "The Importance of Responsive Web Design."

The benefits of Responsive Web Design are:

  • There is no need to have separate content management for mobile or tablet versions of your website.
  • The website is consistent no matter what device is used to view it.
  • Navigation around the site is familiar, Responsive Web Design doesn't change the structure of the website - it just rearranges the way the information is displayed.
  • Quality is the same across all devices, the website looks as good on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop computer!

Our in house designers can offer Responsive Web Design for your website. We are able to create solutions for various technologies using wordpress, DNN and other web platforms.

For more information about Responsive Web Design view our Case Study for Buckley Yacht Design.

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