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Why is your Twitter not successful?

Why is your Twitter not successful?

Social Media not performing? Top tips to get on the right track.

Author: Newsdesk/26 January 2017/Categories: News

Profile not up to scratch?

When viewing social media profiles, consumers want to feel confident that they know who they are dealing with. Lack of profile picture, or poor quality picture doesn't give the impression that you are a professional business. 

Adding all the required information to complete a profile is essential, location, website, header photo, links. An incomplete or poor quality profile will send potential customers running.


Over tweeting or not tweeting at all?

Whilst it may be tempting, sending out hundreds of tweets a day will only result in people clicking "unfollow." There is nothing worse than seeing a social media feed monopolized. To much information will not only overwhelm, it will become irritating. Analysis of buyer personas may identify certain times of the day they are more active and the types of content that people respond to.


Make it visual

Use pictures, videos, cartoons. Anything visual will draw in attention before a block of text. Capture the attention of social media users with memorable, bold images, informative videos, funny gifs.


Hashtag Mayhem

Not enough hashtags might result in missing potential social traffic and followers. Too many hashtags will cause followers to ignore them, or even worse, unfollow you.

Using key hashtags can help get your tweets noticed. Do some research to find out what the current hashtags in your industry are and use them wisely.

How not to hashtag......


False Followers

It can be great to have a huge number of followers, but keep an eye on who is actually following you. There are many auto follow accounts, spam accounts or bots. Clear out regularly and make sure your followers are legitimate. 


Quantity does matter

Whilst quality followers are essential, you do need to have some followers. Some social media users will not look twice at your account if you have under a certain number of followers. If you are following significantly more accounts than are following you - it can have a negative impact. 




Tweeting is one thing, interaction is another. Engage with the social platform, comment, retweet, ask a question. Users then can see that the Twitter profile has a voice, it isn't just an endless list of tweets.


Over Interaction

In contrast - don't go over the top. Interaction is positive but if not used correctly it will push people away fast. Depending on the size of your business, some interaction can be done directly through messaging, other contact should be on the social media platform, but keep it to a minimum. If a conversation is escalating into a long process - take it elsewhere (email or messaging). Generic responses to every question or comment will also come up against a negative response.

Interaction is a balancing act, too much or too little can be a hard task to master, but a crucial task.


Social Media is a tricky process but if managed well and used to it's full potential it holds a wealth of opportunity. For help with any type of Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing Services please contact one of our expert consultants today.





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