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Use Buyer Personas to Boost Conversions

Use Buyer Personas to Boost Conversions

Segment and market to specific audiences

Author: Newsdesk/18 January 2017/Categories: News


Where to start...


Marketing Automation is a suite of tools designed to help drive more leads, nurture those leads and turn them into sales. We've been discussing Marketing Automation for a while:



When developing a Digital Marketing Strategy it is likely that you will have established Buyer Personas. Who is the client? What are their needs? These personas can be used in Marketing Automation to revolutionise the way you communicate with you prospects, allowing for:


  • more effective targeting
  • increased dynamic emails and landing pages
  • improved segmentation processes
  • increased open rates, click through rates and conversions


Buyers personas are designed to help easily identify and segment customer audiences so that you can produce the right content for the right people. 


How does this work with Marketing Automation?


When preparing a new digital marketing campaign, you need to create different sets of marketing that target the different personas. Every potential client will have a different (allbeit slightly similar) objective for what they require. Messages and marketing can be tailored to each type of persona within your marketing automation platform.

Marketing then becomes personalised content that interests the prospect and meets their needs. This is turn improves conversion rates.


Key areas of focus



Generic blogs and landing pages will not work, send the right messages to the right people by using personas to capture your prospect's attention.



Segment groups by personas for quick results rather than setting up custom fields.



Get the message across, personas allow you to hit the bullseye every time because you are giving the prospect what they want. 


Marketers are human beings

Digital Marketing can feel impersonal. Hundreds of standard marketing messages fill inboxes and web pages daily. By personalising your message for your customer, not only will you see conversions, brand loyalty and leads - it will make you stand out from the competition.


For more information on Marketing Automation or Buyer Personas please contact WSI today.



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