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Targeted and Qualified

Targeted and Qualified

Make sure you are finding the right people, at the right time.

Author: Newsdesk/21 March 2017/Categories: News

Paid Search and Keyword Research

Pay per click is one of the simplest and quickest ways to generate leads in any industry.

A basic PPC campaign is highly targeted, looking at the demographics of the clients you would like to attract. Begin with effective keyword research to see how people are actually searching for your product or service online.

By looking at the specifics you may be able to hunt out opportunities you may not have been aware of. Undertaking effective research ensures your precious budget is not wasted and ads are properly optimised over time to get the best results.


Relevant and Specific

Initial Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are in the form of a text ad as they are simplest to generate. From here, multiple ads can be created so you can compare which ads are providing you with the best results. PPC ads are most effective when the ad being served up is most relevant to what the buyer is searching for in a search engine. PPC allows you to reach the buyer at the right moment when they are searching for something.

When there is high search volume around a product or service, PPC is the ideal place to start with lead generation. Not only do you want to ensure your business gets a piece of that high traffic volume, PPC has the targeting capabilities for you to manage your budget accordingly so you can manage your spend but still use it as a more immediate form of lead generation. This is especially important if your digital marketing strategy includes longer term tactics such as search engine optimisation, which can take time to produce results.


Go Further with Display Advertising

Display ads are online advertisements placed on websites that are highly relevant to what you are selling. They may be text, interactive, video or image ads that are shown to people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. Tailor your display ads to meet the objectives of your digital marketing strategy, for example image ads are great for brand awareness, a video ad is effective if the product or service is more complex and requires explanation. These types of ads are best used when you have an idea of what types of websites or places your target audience frequent.

You can get millions of impressions over a short period of time and funnel traffic to your website or landing pages where customers can find out more detailed information and contact you.


Return with Remarketing

Have you ever been on a website that you have visited that you then start to see ads for as you browse other sites? Using cookies this method of exposure is highly effective.

Remarketing places your ad in front of potential customers, time and time again. This increases the chance of them re-visiting your website and following through with a purchase.


Social Connections

Social ads are becoming more and more popular with the vast numbers of social media users. When making a purchase decision, a recommendation from a friend or family member can make all the difference. Social network has become the go to place for these types of interactions.

Social media also provides huge insights into your target audience. Facebook defines audiences easily, as users share their demographics making it the perfect place to advertise if you are a business-to-consumer brand.

Because of the personal nature of social network sites, as a brand you have a prime opportunity to form relationships with your audience.


Paid Advertising is not only effective, it is measurable. With strong research and a good use of paid search, leads will not only flow, they will be relevant.


WSI are Google certified and have orchestrated many successful campaigns for our clients. For more information on Paid search, get in touch today.


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