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12 Tips to be a successful salesforce

Author: Newsdesk/10 May 2017/Categories: Blog, News

Here are 12 tips to help with the sales process.


Know your customers

If you know your customer then you know their wants and needs. Integrating tracking and reporting software into your digital marketing strategy can help gather data on your audience which you can use to adapt any campaigns or target specific groups. As we have said time and time again, customers want more than just a product or service, they want a solution.



Following on from the first point, if you are effectively gathering information on your potential customers, you can predict what they might want. For example if demographic data is showing a certain age group, or geographic data is showing interest in particular areas. If you owned a chain of restaurants and could see that people who were looking at your website and your adverts, were located in a specific area, you could target a campaign to offer them a discount to their closest restaurant.



If you don’t know your product or service inside and out then how do you expect consumers to be confident in what you are selling. If you sell a cleaning product but a) you have never used it yourself, b) you don’t know what it’s made from and c) you don’t know what retailers stock it – how can you effectively inform a potential customer. Obviously this is circumstantial, it isn’t always possible to have first hand experience of certain products and services, but it those cases you would want to be a font of knowledge on what you are selling.

This is more apparent when online, particularly social media where consumers can add feedback or ask questions in seconds. To reinforce brand loyalty and to show yourself as a trusted business, the quicker the response, the better. If someone writes a negative review, you need to be responding straight away to try and resolve the situation before it damages your digital reputation and overall reputation.



Qualified means exactly what it says. Mr Salesman can say he has 100 leads, the question is how many of these leads are “qualified.” By qualified we mean genuinely interested in what you are offering. There are many digital marketing processes to define whether a lead is qualified or not. This not only saves time and money, it also allows focus to be on the interested leads.



By listening, analysing and reviewing customer behaviour you can tailor digital marketing to reflect the behaviours of your audience. With Google Analytics and other data capture programmes it is possible to see what your customers are looking for when they visit your website, how long they are on the website, whether they find what they want, and if they engage further by completing an action such as a form or email.

You can also observe social media, look for mentions of your product or service, look at the industry in which you operate and listen to what people are saying. Is there anything in particular they want or need? Figure out how you can help.


Be honest

Make sure you tell any potential customer how you got their information. It could be a link on an email or a click on an ad. A simple message, when implementing any digital marketing direct tactics such as email marketing, saying “thank you for clicking on our ad” or “we noticed you viewed our email, can we give you more information.” There is nothing more confusing than receiving a message from a company but not knowing why you have it.


Question time

Build up a rapport with your audience. By asking them questions you are engaging them, bringing them into a conversation where they feel their opinion matters. You can add a poll to your website, post a question on social media.



Don’t give up. There is a fine line between being pushy and persevering. If a potential customer is hesitant don’t be put off, just give them a couple of days and follow up. In the same way, don’t let a negative customer derail your process.


Follow up

It’s no good having an amazing digital marketing strategy, great analysis and a fantastic sales process if you don’t continue the journey. Follow up on prospects, first time customers and long term clients. Tools such as Remarketing allow you to keep your brand front of mind for prospects. A constant flow of good quality content will keep current customers happy and good customer service will keep your client base stable. Rather than telephone every potential customer, implement a marketing automation system that will create work flows and procedures depending on the actions of your prospects and customers.


Time management

Create a schedule for everything. Manage your time effectively. A good Digital Marketing Strategy will be organised so that you know what to focus on and when.


Goal Setting

Be clear on what you want to achieve. If it’s a 35% increase in sales, work towards that. If it’s brand awareness, more clients, sales of a particular product, set the goal and keep the goal in mind when making adjustments or reviewing any digital marketing, as it will make the process more focused.


Record and Track

If you are not monitoring the results, you can’t see if you have met your goals. Google Analytics and dashboard reporting provide numerical and visual representation of activities on your website, social media accounts and any campaigns. Monitoring the results allows improvements and adjustments to be made.


WSI are Google Partners and have a wealth of experience in creating effective Digital Marketing Strategies for businesses of all sizes and industries. If you would like help in any of the areas discussed, please get in touch with one of our consultants today.




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