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Social Ads and Strategy

Social Ads and Strategy

Why Social Advertising Matters

Author: Newsdesk/28 March 2017/Categories: News

Like anything in life there will always be positives and negatives. The digital realm is no exception. A wide reach, ability to target individuals, showcase your business, engage with your consumers, versus more complex systems, rules and regulations, constant updates and fear of the unknown.


Bigger, better, smarter

Large technology companies are continually working to provide the latest innovations, the most advanced products, always trying to stay ahead of the competition. It’s no longer enough to produce a television, it has to be better, more interactive, more capable than its previous versions or competition.

Digital Marketing is no different. Businesses strive to have the best website, creating the most leads, serve the best adverts to attract potential customers with masses of testimonials and content being shared and spoken about online.


So where do Social Ads fit in?

You have a website, you even have a Pay Per Click campaign generating a steady flow of leads, a Facebook page where you regularly interact with clients and potential customers.

Like anything – there is always more…..

If you have a Social media presence you are halfway there. Social Advertising can enhance your social media strategy and in turn create more interest and potential revenue for your business.

Technology isn’t cheap, however, social ads are considerably more cost effective than telemarketing or print media.

Internet advertising spend globally overtook newspaper ad spend in 2013. At the end of 2016 eMarketer predicted it would overtake TV ad spend for the first time. Digital advertising accounts for 55% of UK media ad spend, £9.64 billion in 2016 to be precise.

Facebook advertising generated a revenue of £1.19 billion last year. Updates to mobile video formats, ads in mobile news feeds and the introduction of new Instagram ad formats have helped drive this growth.

Social Ads look and feel like a natural part of the social network. To a potential audience, social ads will seem specific  to them. Facebook for example holds information relating to demographics, geographics, hobbies, interests, connections. Social ads utilise the power of this huge stock of information to specifically reach people who may have an interest in what you are selling.


Specific or Skip?

There is a large volume of data to suggest that people don’t like ads. Skipping through the adverts on TV, pressing “skip ad” on Youtube, flicking past an advert in the paper – we’ve all done it. Why? Most of the adverts are irrelevant. However if an advert was specific to someone there is more chance that they would view it.

For example, when you sign up to Facebook you enter information about yourself:

"Male, 32, single, lives in London, likes Skiing, Football. Checks into a Barbershop regularly, wrote a review on a local Pizzeria, has recently visited Paris."

All this information is on Facebook. From this information alone this consumer would fall into several targeted marketing groups.

Social Ads allow you to target a specific group of people on a platform that you are more than likely already using.


How can we help?

For more information on Social Media Advertising and how it can benefit your business get in touch today. WSI consultants can help set up, implement and manage a Social Advertising campaign.




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