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Online Lead Generation for Local Businesses

Online Lead Generation for Local Businesses

6 Best Practice techniques

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Claim your Google+ page

There is much speculation about the importance or need for a Google+ page however they do work to optimise your local visibility. If you are a bricks and mortar business, making the nearby "potential" audience aware is the first step in the right direction.

By having a good quality Google+ page people can navigate to your location, or call if they need directions. If you make it difficult for consumers to do business with you, there is always another business who is willing to make it easier for them. A Google+ page allows for online and physical traffic, plus Google are more likely to show potential customers your page if they are searching for your products or services in that particular area.


Get listed in local directories

Being listed in a local directory increases your exposure to the local business community, and enhances the possibility of people finding your business. Business name and address must be identical in every listing to ensure consistency. 


Programmatic advertising

Programmatic ads refer to the use of software to purchase digital advertising. Basically machines buy the ads. The automation of buying and selling online ads has completely revolutionized the way we can locate our target audience. 

If you liken it to Minority Report the film....Tom Cruise was tracked so they always knew where he was and what he was doing and messages could be personalised and served to him directly. Not quite that futuristic but programmatic is similar. Not only is it highly accurate and efficient, it is making it easier for larger companies to manage their advertising budgets.

If other traditional methods of reaching your customers are becoming too expensive or not performing like they used to, this is an advertising tactic that allows you to target your consumer audience across many criteria but especially their location.


Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are becoming more useful with entire communities for special interest groups appearing making it easier than ever to find like minded people. For businesses this is an excellent opportunity to use the power of reviews, referrals and testimonials.

Most consumers, as we have said, would rather be recommended a product from a friend or family member before buying it. Social networks have become a great place to trade information. Facebook's advertising platform allows you to take advantage of the insights you already know about your target audience and use it to find new customers.

The Facebook platform is intuitive which means you can get a campaign up quickly, but equally take one down if it needs refinement or if it starts to produce more leads than you can handle! 

If done correctly, Facebook is one of the quickest and most effective lead generation tactics a local business can implement.


Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If you want people in a particular area to know about your products and services you have to get the word out somehow. If you are looking to dominate your industry and market you need to optimise your website using geo-specific keywords. You can't just throw in keywords, they need to be used in specific places, following guidelines determined by the search engines. 

The rules as to what is "allowable" in SEO are constantly changing, optimising your site for local search can be complex and why many businesses turn to SEO experts like WSI.



Maintaining an up to date website is very important for getting your company to appear in the top search results and ranking for local search terms. One of the best ways to build a local search presence is to maintain a blog, either through your own articles or by employing an agency to create content for you.

Clients and potential customers will thank you for providing useful, engaging up to date content. Look to provide information that helps solve problems and offers solutions, highlights benefits, offers the customer something. 

By using targeted geo-keywords, that reflect your product/service, in your blog posts, you will find more localised traffic coming to your website.


A combination of some or all six of these tactics working together will help ensure your lead generation strategies reach more consumers in your region.

For more information on Lead Generation and how we can help, get in touch with WSI today.





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