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Email Marketing + Social Media

Email Marketing + Social Media

A Powerful Combination

Author: Newsdesk/24 October 2016/Categories: News

Reading emails is the number 1 activity on a mobile device

By learning how to engage your customers through a well-developed email marketing campaign, you will continue to grow your brand awareness and very likely see and increase in conversions. As part of your Digital Marketing Strategy it is likely you will already have great content, created for blog posts or social media, that can be adapted for an email campaign. Successful businesses are able to integrate all of their digital marketing initiatives and understand the benefits of using them together.

Email Marketing + Social Media - Which is better?

Email Marketing is more likely to drive a conversion but social media is more about engaging with your audience. Both have their strengths and weaknesses but the real value comes from using both together.

Social Media is effective for targeting and generating awareness to potential customers who are looking for relevant content. Email Marketing can then be utilised to communicate directly with those individuals who are interested in you and have opted to receive content on a regular basis.

How do you put them together?

There are many ways to work Social Media and Email Marketing together:

Sign ups

Encourage your social followers to sign up for a specific email list. Within your social media strategy you need to create an engaging call-to-action backed up with great content to entice potential customers. Twitter and Facebook both have subscribe facilities that users can access without having to leave the social media platform, making the process straightforward for the user.

Add social icons to your email marketing campaigns. Even better, tell the customer what you want them to do:

"Follow us on Twitter" "Like our Facebook Page for exclusive offers" 

Highlight the benefit the user will get from following the suggested action. Use your email list to promote a contest such as "500th person to like the Facebook Page receives......" this way the desired audience see a benefit in following the action. People love contests and give-aways!

Upload your email lists

One of the best ways to integrate your email and social strategies is to upload your email subscriber lists to your social media. This allows you to follow your subscribers on social media providing more knowledge of your audience and potential customers, and the ability to target campaigns accordingly.

Make it extra Interactive

By integrating social media content into your emails, you give your followers and fans a voice. The result is a more personal and more interesting subscriber experience. For example you can ask your subscribers to go to Twitter and share tweets containing a specific hastag. These tweets would then appear in the Twitter feed directly within your email. This could be a hastag about a conference, a product or service.

Integrate your strategies

Most people no longer make purchase decisions based on information from a single source. There is too much information available. Implementing an integrated social and email marketing strategy will offer increase benefits for you and your audience.

For more information on Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing, get in touch today.


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