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Effective Landing Pages

Effective Landing Pages

Don't overlook landing pages

Author: Newsdesk/27 April 2017/Categories: News

Lack of landing pages

Many businesses make the mistake of not creating a new landing page for each campaign. Campaigns have different goals and audiences, when these things change the landing page should change too.


Simplicity is key

Over complicating a landing page not only doesn't get the potential customer what they want, it can put them off all together. 

A single call-to-action button can increase conversions by 62%. Adding multiple actions and offers confuses the main message you wish to convey. By giving the customer only one option, you are simplifying the process and directing them to the optimum end result.

25 Point Landing Page Checklist

Just to highlight how important landing pages are, WSI have come up with a 25 point checklist of things to consider when developing a landing page:

  1. Does your headline say what the page is about and relate to your PPC ad?
  2. Does your sub-headline further refine your message?
  3. Is you landing page focused on a single purpose?
  4. Could someone understand the message in 5-10 seconds?
  5. Does the visitor understand what they will get in exchange for contacting you?
  6. Does the copy focus on benefits rather than features?
  7. Are you using a unique image that tells the story?
  8. Do you have an obvious call to action?
  9. Does your landing page look professional?
  10. Is your opt-in form visible without having to scroll?
  11. Did you eliminate extraneous navigation from the page?
  12. Are you asking only for the minimum contact info that you need?
  13. Is there continuity between your landing page and your web page?
  14. Do you have a privacy policy link or statement near the submit button?
  15. Is your submit button more interesting than just "Submit"?
  16. Is you landing page as focused as your elevator speech?
  17. Did you articulate the value of your giveaway item (whitepaper, discount, etc?)
  18. Did you use trust icons and testimonials where appropriate?
  19. Did you offer multiple contact options (phone, email form, live chat, etc.)?
  20. Did you use light boxes (pop outs) to offer additional information without the visitor having to leave the page?
  21. Are you using you confirmation page to "remarket" to the visitor? (Follow us, share this page, additional offers, survey, etc).
  22. Is your offer time sensitive to create a sense of urgency?
  23. Are you creating separate landing pages to segment your leads? (PPC, display advertising, email, print)
  24. Have you designed your page as a template so that you can repurpose the page in the future?
  25. If you have a multi-step process, did you make it clear how long it will take or how many steps it will take? 


You can see from this list - landing pages are not simple, but if utilised correctly they can be one of the most powerful digital marketing tools.


For more information on Landing Page optimisation get in touch with WSI today.



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