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Digital Advertising Options

Digital Advertising Options

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Author: Newsdesk/24 January 2017/Categories: News

Tactics for results

When we talked about advertising online we spoke of PPC ads on Google. Now there is a wide variety of digital advertising platforms and strategies for businesses.

All the major social media networks have advertising possibilities and these can be very rewarding due to the ability to gain demographic and geographic details on their users.

The first thing to consider as with any good Digital Marketing strategy, is what do you want and what do you know already?

Paid Search Advertising

PPC ads are placed in search engines. They appear on search engine results pages above and to the right of organic search results. These ads appear via a keyword bidding process.

When a searcher clicks on your ad they are directed to a relevant page of your website.

If ads are properly managed they can appear quickly on the first page of a search. A PPC ad can be written, published and on it's way to bringing results in a very short space of time. It can be stopped as quickly too. Ads can be scheduled in advance and turned on and off at specific dates and times.

Ad Extensions now allow ads to be improved to offer phone numbers, links to pages on your website, testimonials or awards. By using ad extensions you can improve your ad's position.

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Remarketing is a Display Advertising strategy that puts ads in front of people who have already visited your website. It is a way of bring people back to your website and encouraging them to re-engage.

Key points to remember with Remarketing are:

  • The ads are all about the image, make sure designs are professional and clear.
  • Don't be boring, give the customer a reason to come back, use a special offer or similar incentive.
  • Run more than one advert and compare to see which is more successful.

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Social and Video Marketing

There are so many social marketing opportunities these days that it can be confusing. Some social networks will be more suitable than others dependent on the product or service offered.


Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Facebook is the biggest opportunity for advertising in the social world. You can re-market and offer targeted ads for specific audiences. Unlike PPC, Facebook uses demographic data and user interests.

LinkedIn is more for business-to-business advertising or job opportunities. With a user base of mostly business professionals, this is ideal for advertising professional services. Targeting on LinkedIn also uses demographic data as well as job function.

Twitter looks to promote your account to attract more followers. It uses keyword targeting and content engagement.



Owned by Google, there are several advantages to advertising on YouTube:

  • People like watching videos and video content can move your audience closer to your brand.
  • It allows you to talk about your business in a way that isn't possible with just text or images.
  • You're only charged when people watch the video, if people aren't interested you don't pay.
  • There are many targeting options such as age, gender, location and interests.
  • It works across different devices.

YouTube ads work best when they are short, engaging and include a digital call to action.  



Different forms of digital advertising are relevant at different points of the customer journey. Display and video advertising help with brand awareness, while PPC can be leveraged to turn potential customers into leads and sales. For more information on Digital Advertising, contact our experts today.












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