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5 Website Makeover Tips

5 Website Makeover Tips

Increase your leads with these essential hints.

Author: Newsdesk/19 July 2016/Categories: Blog, News

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A well maintained, well managed website will generate more leads. It's a fact. Looking after your website is one of the most important parts of any good digital marketing strategy. Without a strong website, all other digital marketing efforts are pointless.


Here are 5 quick tips that can help improve your website.


1. Customer Testimonials


Adding customer testimonials to your site is the easiest thing to do. The words of customers can be more powerful than any marketing tool. 

By adding customer testimonials to your website you are attempting to gain a level of trust from your potential customers. Another way to develop trust is to make any connections crystal clear. By joining the local Chamber of Commerce or Business Networking group, or by being a partner with a larger more recognised business can send your trust scores rocketing.


2. Use Responsive Design


Multi device experiences need to be flawless. Websites must be responsive, customer experience is not only enhanced, it make the process simpler for the customer. Pushing your brand further into the digital marketing world is the best thing you can do for your business. Be inventive, push the boundaries, make sure you stand out.


3. Test Multiple Landing Pages


Make small changes on different landing pages and see which one is most popular. You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first, or shopping around, so why put all your faith in one page without testing it out. 

You can test a range of things from colour, call to actions, layouts, size of fonts. Test whatever you think could make a difference.

Measure the progress and implement what works. With relevant feedback you can make significant improvements to your website.


4. Include an explainer video


A well put together video will engage your audience at a higher rate than words on the page. It also will give them a quick insight into who you are and what value you provide. If a customer understands exactly what you can do for them, they are more likely to buy from you.


5. Provide Calls to Action on every page


Customers need to clearly understand what actions you want them to take when they are on your site. Lead them through the digital pathway in a clear and straightforward manner. You could offer the most amazing product or service in the world, but if its difficult to make a purchase, customers will walk away.


Without updating or maintaining your website, you will likely lose customers or confuse them. By undertaking our website makeover tips you could be well on the path to a continuous flow of digital marketing leads.


For more information on Lead Generation as part of a Digital Marketing Strategy, contact us today.




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