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Extend Your Reach Through Mobile Marketing

Today you can do almost anything from your smartphone; banking, shopping, watching films and of course communicating in a variety of ways.

Being mobile isn't just about using a mobile phone, its about being mobile in the physical sense. People move around all the time from place to place and technology has advanced in such a way that we all like to remain connected. Whether we want to stay in touch with friends via our social networks whilst at the gym, or receive updates about that bike you are bidding for on the online auction site while out for dinner!

Making Your Website Mobile

15% of website visitors come from a mobile device and they have certain requirements:

  • Website design must be effective on a small screen
  • Access to content should be quick and straightforward
  • Location based information needs to be easily accessible.

By meeting these requirements businesses can engage visitors viewing through their mobile phones or tablets.

How Can We Help?

WSI provide mobile friendly website design by making the website responsive using Responsive Web Design. Your website keeps the same look and feel but will adapt across various viewing platforms to enhance the user experience.

We can also help develop a mobile marketing strategy to target your consumer effectively and create and integrate specific QR campaign codes if required.

Mobile Marketing Resources Kit

Now available - your complete pack of all our mobile marketing related resources:


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