Google Adwords Campaigns

WSI can set up and manage pay per click campaigns for your business using Google Adwords.

Adwords has developed considerably in the last 5 years. It now offers advertising for mobile phones, desktops and tablets, has several different platforms where your ads can appear, including their search networks, search partners and display networks; You Tube and more. Using Adwords you can reach people at the precise moment they're searching for what you offer, display your ad to an actively searching audience, choose where your ad appears and reach a massive percentage of relevant internet users.

Advertising on Google's search network

The search network is ideal for advertisers looking for leads, sign ups and sales. These campaigns are suitable for smaller and larger businesses.

Based on keyword searches and text ads or product listing ads connected to Google's Merchant Centre (for ecommerce sites), ads are shown when people search for you product or service online.

Advertising on Google's display network

This is ideal for larger budgets, Adwords can cover both the search and display networks. If you are after brand awareness, then display ads are what you want. By combining text, image and video adverts you can reach people as they are busy doing something else such as reading the newspaper online.

Remarketing is also available.

Advertising on Google's YouTube channel (part of display advertising)

Create video ads that people choose to watch with Trueview or target your text, image or video ads to different placements.

Mobile Advertising

Adwords can also be used on mobile phones. As mobile usage increases, having a mobile advertising strategy is increasingly important. WSI will set up campaigns that make maximum use of call extensions and mobile call tracking to help you capture the growing number of people accessing the internet from their phones.

Advertising on Google My Business (also known as Places/Maps/+Local)

This is ideal for those businesses without a website but with a Google Places/Maps/Local listing, WSI can set you up with Google Adwords Express which is automatically managed by Google for a one time fee.

WSI also offers pay per click management via its automated Adworks campaigns on the Bing and Yahoo search engines.

By providing pay per click management across all the major search engines, WSI can help you reach potential customers and clients wherever they are on the web!

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