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Creative and engaging Email Marketing is key to customer retention

Email is part of our daily lives. Most people will check their emails at least once a day with the majority of people accessing their inbox every time their smart phone alerts them to a new email.

When executed correctly, email marketing is an inexpensive and highly effective retention tool. Unlike traditional direct mail, it offers unique targeting capabilities allowing you to customize your messages to appeal to different groups of customers for much higher response rates.

Many businesses have a negative perception of email marketing due to a contempt for their own inbox, but the truth is email services are a great way to capture new leads and increase engagement with your customers.

Email marketing should revolve around a strategy and a set of goals. Businesses should think about what their target audience would be interested in hearing about, or what kinds of sales and promotions would move them to engage.

Consider your own inbox - what would you consider an effective email marketing campaign? What made you read the information you received?

How can WSI help?

WSI has access to an enterprise Email Marketing system and can offer email marketing solutions that keep us at the forefront of this industry.

  • Creation of imaginative HTML newsletter design
  • Creation of persuasive landing pages
  • Up to 97% delivery rates
  • Full tracking of opens, and click-throughs
  • Automated scenario remarketing
  • Opt in list management.

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Prefer a more DIY approach?

WSI is a Constant Contact Partner and can support you in your use of this product.

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