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Getting to know you, your business, your vision

In order to provide you with a full Digital Marketing Strategy for your business, WSI will begin by discovering what it is you actually want to achieve. What are your goals? Who is your audience? We will get to know you as a client and your business so that we can put together a fully informed Digital Marketing Strategy that you have confidence in and that will bring results.

Moving forward

Now that your goals and objectives have been identified, the next step is researching how best to implement a Digital Marketing Strategy. WSI will look at any existing digital marketing campaigns and set about defining the strategy. We will look at:

  • Market Segmentation - which pieces of the market will be targeted?
  • Persona Development - who is your target customer, how can you reach them?
  • Competitor Analysis -  what strategies are working for your competitors?

Putting the pieces together

The next phase is building your Digital Marketing Strategy. But like any good building project the foundations must be laid, budgets must be set and plans must be followed. You may need to adapt the plans along the way making changes to your Digital Marketing Strategy.

This is the point at which you set up your digital assets, which are things like your website, social media profile and the development of any other digital campaigns.

Ready for launch

All the digital assets and campaigns must be scheduled for launch and activated. A cohesive and well-organised launch strategy can pay dividends as it's often an under-rated part of most digital marketing efforts.

Is it working?

Don't build a Digital Marketing Strategy, implement it and wait. Measurement enables you to determine which strategies work best and give a positive ROI. During the initial development phases, WSI will help establish target goals for each digital tactic and set up the measurement of those metrics.

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Adapt and enhance

After implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy and letting it run for a reasonable amount of time, it will be easy to see whether the campaign works. If it doesn't, pull the plug. If it does, start your strategy again and figure out how to enhance it.

By managing your results you can make ongoing adjustments and rapid improvements where necessary.

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