Content is King


Content has always been king in the world of digital marketing. Content Marketing evens the playing field as anyone can create content, the trick is creating content that makes you stand out.


Do something different, stand out from the crowd


In order to gain a competitive edge, your content must be interesting, engaging and memorable. Show customers why they should purchase a product or service from you. Create content that is valuable and pushes them in the direction of conversion.

Content can be published in a huge variety of locations, blogs, social media, print, websites, however, a business can have a large volume of engagement but no coversions. Turning potential customers into actual customers is where it becomes difficult.

The true power of content marketing occurs when your content is shared across your customer's social channels as well. Once you've determined how you're going to go about creating and distributing content, you can use ths strategy to encourage your audience to share your content and help build your brand's awareness.



What will your content be?


Content can be original, create it yourself. Blog posts, videos, brochures, press releases, case studies about completed projects. 

Write intriguing and attention grabbing updates. Consider who the consumer is, what the consumer wants, and what the consumer could want in the future. 


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Location is key


The best content in the world is worthless unless positioned correctly. Once you have determined the demographics/lifestyles/requirements of your customer, be selective about where the content is placed. Is Twitter the right place, should it be an email?

Make sure your target audience can reach the content. Think about the platform's suitability, a lengthy blog post on social media won't work, catchy graphics or an exciting headline will.



Deliver your message


Once you have produced the content, decided where to put it, you need to think about how to get it there. Email marketing with catchy headlines can drive potential customers to your website.

Workshops or seminars might be more appropriate for a business solution, social media campaigns are an excellent method of promotion. Once the customer clicks through, or attends a workshop, or opens their email, or browses social media; there must be valuable, engaging content waiting for them.

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