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Whether it's putting together a digital marketing communication plan, or working out what's the best strategy to enter a new market - a key place to start is looking at your competition.

WSI have a range of unique tools to help you get a clear view of what your competitors are doing right now, and what approach you might take to achieve your business goals.

We can also help establish a comprehensive set of KPI's (Key Performance Indicators).

Why are KPI's important?

As you implement your digital marketing strategy, it is important that you benchmark your performance against your own business goals. In addition you will want to have a clear view of your benchmarks against your key competition too. The digital marketing world is changing fast and your clients or customers will be constantly comparing and contrasting you and your brand against the competition.

This marketing intelligence is vital if you are going to succeed. We can work with you to create a simple yet comprehensive report, monthly, quarterly or as often as you as a team need it.

WSI won't provide you with an endless stream of information just for the sake of it, we will provide you with a concise analysis that allows you to make decisions based on fact, rather than guesswork.

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