12 Step Social Technology Plan

Social Technologies are a range of activities such as:

  • Social Media - Youtube, Flikr
  • Social Relevance - Reviews and feedback
  • Social Networking - Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter
  • Socially enabled tasks - Crowdsourcing

The world of social media can be complicated and daunting when you are approaching it as a business. These 12 Steps will help guide you to create a solid plan that can quickly be put in place to generate positive results.

WSI have implemented this approach with clients of many different industries, business objectives, sizes and experience. We are confident that this is proven method for achieving the most of your social media.

Time is of the essence

The faster you can penetrate the market by using these tools, the better chance you have of reaching those potential customers.

12 Process Steps

What will the 12 Steps achieve?

Social Media must be embeded into the very core of your business. It must be a continual effort over time. By implementing the steps above, you will have taken an organised approach to integrating social media which will measurable, trackable and sustainable.

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